My name's Ryan, a young designer originally from Chelmsford, Essex now living in East London. I’ve had a very exciting journey to get to where I am now, working for lots of cool brands making all sorts.
Take a look at a bit more about my process, background, a little about me and enjoy some of my favourite photos along the way.
Source ingredients
Strategy + Discovery
Before we even think about what we want to do and how, let’s really nail what the end goal of the project is and what it might look like. This might seem like staring at a blank piece of paper, so let’s look around, see what others have done and get a realistic idea of what we should do.
Prepare ingredients
Refine Refine Refine
Next let’s take all those ideas and start to dial them in, each step we take hopefully getting closer and closer to the best outcome. Preparing our ingredients and getting getting the oven warm.
Get cookin'
Nice, we have a pretty solid plan. Time for me to tuck myself into a quiet corner and finish off rounding the corners, framing the frames and curving the curves.
How did we get here?
I first started making things on the internet when I was a young teen, I was big into mountain biking and wanted new parts for my bike, or should I say needed to replace the parts I broke. I was too young for a part-time job but clever enough to use pirate-bay to download a cracked copy of Photoshop. I logged onto UpWork and was making logos for £40 a pop.
Fast forward a few years and I had managed to “download” most of the Adobe suite by this point, still into mountain biking I started making videos for my friends, I got pretty obsessed with this, always trying to make the next big edit, I was teaching myself all of it through youtube tutorials. Those years seemed to fly by and suddenly it was time to go university, however it wasn’t really what I hoped for. All those years of Youtube tutorials, university felt a bit slow. So I dropped out after half a year and went to searching for a way to learn more about the industry.
I found myself in London working for a early stage start-up design studio that specialised in UI/UX. After a few years I was bouncing between UI/UX projects and Motion Graphics, key theme ultimately was creative problem solving, and a fixation with software that I felt I needed to master.
I began leading the video production side of the agency, however still didn’t feel ready to specialise, I enjoyed being a jack of all trades.  That’s when I decided to head out into the big wild west alone, and set myself up as a freelancer. I wanted to be more nimble with my projects and focus on doing the kind of work I enjoyed, or at least give it damn good go.
I like other stuff too
There’s lots I enjoy, although living in London I think my joy is still with the outdoors and long days in nature. I like riding about on my bike, running, sailing and skiing, as often as I get the opportunity. Doing all of this usually with a camera around my neck.

Always looking for a busy day.