London-based designer, art director and motion designer,  specialising in creating captivating and innovative digital design and experiences.
London designer, art director and motion designer,
specialising in creating captivating digital design, working globally.
BrewDog Planet Pale Campaign
Working on the Planet Pale promotional campaign for BrewDog was an incredible and challenging experience. Our main goal was to create a visually captivating and informative campaign that would grab attention. To achieve this, we delved into a variety of innovative 3D techniques, refining our workflow and pushing the boundaries to deliver something truly extraordinary. It was a project that allowed us to unleash our creativity and produce a result that exceeded expectations.
Material Icons
A collection of 65 Animated Icons inspired by Google Materials UI Kit's iconic set. Each icon is animated with a consistent half-second beat, ensuring seamless harmony when used together. Available in Lottie or JSON format, these icons load instantly on both web and applications. Designed with matching border spacing to the original icons, seamlessly integrating them into existing designs won't affect positioning or sizing. Best of all, they're all available as a freebie!
WingMan Session IPA
An introduction into BrewDogs new feathery hero, WingMan. A new session IPA from BrewDog, with a kick-ass character design, a clever and simple sequence created for the launch of their new beer.
Kalendit instantly connects Nurseries and Families with outstanding educators near them, in 2023 we worked together to create a series of videos that explain and promote their specialist tech services for nurseries, educators and parents alike.
Bridebook is a wedding planning startup app, that helps users find and plan every little moment of their wedding. I helped create a range of marketing and appstore content, as well as custom in app animations.
BrewDog Headliners
The client approached us with a request for four engaging explainer videos that would delve into the unique taste profiles and brewing processes of their flagship beers: Punk IPA, Hazy Jane, Elvis Juice, and Lost Lager. Collaborating closely with their Marketing team, we carefully crafted a series of videos tailored to resonate with their core craft ale consumer base, resulting in an exciting and informative visual journey into the world of their top beers.
Chasing Millimetres
Chasing Millimetres underwent a transformative brand and website overhaul, revolutionizing the surveying and infrastructure monitoring industry. The brand's sleek logo and muted color palette infused innovation and elegance into the traditionally utilitarian field. With a visually captivating website and intuitive user experience, Chasing Millimetres positioned itself as a visionary leader, attracting increased client interest and redefining industry perceptions.
NHS Virtually
In the beginning of 2021, NHS Virtually wanted to revamp its online consultation platform. The objective behind the Virtually platform was to enhance the efficiency of GP appointment management, especially in London and other metropolitan areas of the UK, which were grappling with an overwhelming surge in demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It became evident that the platform required improvements to enhance user appeal and make it more user-friendly for both practitioners and the general public.

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