WingMan Session IPA is one of BrewDog's newest releases for this year. In preparation for its launch, I had the opportunity to collaborate on an introductory video for the character WingMan. The concept for this beer revolves around the character of an old-school bluebird pilot, expertly crafted by Earthling Studios. With tight project timelines, our initial challenge was to craft a compelling narrative sequence without relying on complex animation techniques, emphasizing minimal character movement. To stay within budget, I meticulously reviewed the sequence's shots to identify the most achievable option that would still deliver the impact that WingMan truly deserved.

Director & Motion Designer: Ryan Knight
Character Design: Earthling Studio
Project Management: Flo Slater
Illustration: Tom Warne
Like with every animation project for a big release, there's loads of moving parts with lot's of creatives working on different things. The ultimate goal for BrewDog was to have all of these creative pieces sit in-line with each other, this sculpted a few changes towards the end of the production. Additionally the plan with the music supplier I initially wanted to work changed and that was also pivoted. How ever my heart still lies with the very first cut of this sequence, I love how the music lands perfectly. Like the absolute primadonna I am, I wanted to also include this first edit at the bottom of this page.